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I am still ignored

14 Mar

The company does not bother to answer the law suit.  Default judgement!!!  You think it would end there, but the saga continues

A friend has trouble

29 Dec

I had lunch with a friend yesterday who mentioned that he was having trouble with a CPS lot.  The lot was underwater due to Sandy and has been closed.  But they keep charging him a monthly.  He has spend hours on the phone trying to get them to reverse the charges.

Great customer service.



The beginning – Parking at Central Parking in Hoboken

4 May

I parked my #Dodge Magnum at their lot on December 15th.  Little did I know that it was the last time I would drive my car for over 10 weeks.  When I went to pick up my car they told me it would not start.  No big deal I thought, probally the battery or starter.  Boy was I wrong

As I am waiting for the flat bed, the lot attendant tells me that as soon as they went to move it it would not start and they had to push it aroung the lot.  So I get the car flat-bedded to a local shop I trust.  They call me the next morning and tell me that there is something very wrong with my engine, and I should take it to the dealer.  I then pay to have a flat bed take it to a dealer.  Their immediate diagnosis, was that there was serious engine damage.  I then start my quest to have Central Parking live up to their responsibility.  It took me two days to even find a person with whom I could file a notice of claims

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