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What Really Happened

22 Jul

So now that the law suit is over, I am left with some basic questions. The biggest being, what happened to my car? I wish the lot had video cameras so we could have seen what happened.

I was told by a number of people that the person driving the car when the damage happened had to have known something happened. The car would make a very loud noise, it would shake and stop running. So either the parking attendant lied his manager (or did not tell him it happened) or the manager lied to the company, or the company lied to the court. We will never know the truth!

I drove the car in and the damage happened at their lot, so what happened to it???

My Hero

19 Jul

Check out this website. This guy rocks, and I am feeling more than a little inspired by him.

It is over

15 Jul

The fact that a good lawyer will beat a good case was proven last week. I lost when the Judge ruled my report was an opinion and since I did not retain the engine, I could not prove what the damage was.

Clearly if you are wronged, you must be thinking litigation right away, while I was thinking claim and fix my car.

I will post some more interesting things in the days to come, but for now, I get my life back and the “man” won.

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