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We reached a Milestone

31 Mar

This blog just passed 500 views.  Not bad for a little guy fighting a huge corporation!

More Paper

29 Mar

So the law firm with many names decided to file even more paper.  Some of their arguments are very good, but it is clear they do not understand the rules governing the court we are in.  But what really angered me was they again brought my employer into the issue, this time in a public legal filing.  Their response to me trying to frame the argument as a “David v. Goliath” fight was to state that I work for XXXXX a large insurance company.  ARGH

They decide to fight

26 Mar

So rather than paying me for the engine they destroyed, they hired a law firm with lots of names to fight the default judgement.  They served me at least a inch of paper.  Smart move, I wonder how much that cost them.

I am no longer ignored

19 Mar

So I have this Default Judgment and I am feeling good about myself, my first lawsuit win.  Next thing I know “a company that shall remain nameless” had an agent of theirs call my employer and complain that I was harassing them.  They threatened to go to my CEO if I did not stop harassing them!

I am still ignored

14 Mar

The company does not bother to answer the law suit.  Default judgement!!!  You think it would end there, but the saga continues

Sorry it has been so long since I posted

12 Mar

I will be posing new entries far more often going forward. For tonight’s post only two comments

1. Central Parking merged with Standard Parking. If my recent experience is any indication they may be worse than Central Parking

2. Over 100 separate people have viewed my blog. While that may not sound like a lot, I am pretty happy for a little guy vs. a big corporation fight.

Thanks for your support

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