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My complaint on Ripoff Report

30 May

My complaint on Ripoff Report

Central Parking Gets More Irrational

23 May

After receiving and reviewing the forensic report I sent it over with the attached letter to the claim examiner and I copied the Company President.  I did not hear back for two weeks so I started calling.  Turns out my contact had left the company.  After leaving messages for days I finally get a return call from a manager.  He told me that they spoke to an expert and that person said “the damage was impossible as I described it”.  I asked for alternative answers and he had none.  I told him that I trust the four people who actually examined the car.  He did not respond.  CPS Letter 2-16-12

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12 May

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Forensic Report

11 May

Click on the link to read the entire forensic report.  It is a good read. 

NFC Report

Centrral Parking’s Response

10 May

They responded:

 “Please be advised that the operations manager has reviewed your correspondence and has maintained the original denial of your claim based on the fact that the issue with your vehicle is mechanical in nature and while we can empathize with you, unfortunately, we cannot assume liability for issues that are mechanical in nature.”

 First, legally as a Bailee they are responsible for any damage that occurs while the car was in their care.  Second, they still have the operations manager making the claims decisions.  These decisions should be made by a third party.

 I then hired a National forensic firm to do a complete exam of the engine and provide their conclusions as to the cause of the damage.  

Asking Central Parking to Re-open the Claim

9 May

After receiving the diagnosis from the dealer I again went back to Central Parking to ask them to accept the claim.  My email to them read: 

 “My engine is a total loss, with the #1 cylinder piston breaking off from the connecting rod. This was mostly caused by the engine being over revved. It also clearly states that there were no signs of any oiling problems. Therefor this is not a maintenance issue.

There is no question that the car was driven into the lot under its own power. You told me that the attendant parked the car and it would then not start. The car has not run since that point and we now know why. My vehicle was in your care, custody and control when the failure occurred.

Without access to your security tapes, I cannot know exactly what happened in your lot, but due to the facts of the situation it is clear that the engine failure was caused by your attendant while moving my car.

I look forward to you contact accepting the claim and arranging payment for the replacement of the engine.”

The Dealer’s Opinion Of the Damage

9 May

The diagnostic report from the dealer, which clearly states the cause of the damage and that there were no lubrication issues.  Remember, I drove the car in and towed it out of the Central Parking lot.

Filing the Claim

9 May

I finally found the right person @Central Parking Systems to file the claim, and filed it.  Within a few hours they had denied it.  Clearly they spent a lot of time fully investigating.  They told me that the attendant had moved the car and it would not start after they parked it (story already changing).   They also told me that it was up to the individual lot manager to decide on a claim.  Most companies use an insurance examiner or independent person to evaluate claims.  Central Parking uses a person who’s own self interest is to deny they claim.  This means I need to pay to tear the engine down.  $1,000.  The dealer took the engine apart and discovered that #1 piston was destroyed.  How?

The beginning – Parking at Central Parking in Hoboken

4 May

I parked my #Dodge Magnum at their lot on December 15th.  Little did I know that it was the last time I would drive my car for over 10 weeks.  When I went to pick up my car they told me it would not start.  No big deal I thought, probally the battery or starter.  Boy was I wrong

As I am waiting for the flat bed, the lot attendant tells me that as soon as they went to move it it would not start and they had to push it aroung the lot.  So I get the car flat-bedded to a local shop I trust.  They call me the next morning and tell me that there is something very wrong with my engine, and I should take it to the dealer.  I then pay to have a flat bed take it to a dealer.  Their immediate diagnosis, was that there was serious engine damage.  I then start my quest to have Central Parking live up to their responsibility.  It took me two days to even find a person with whom I could file a notice of claims

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